Good reading….


I’ve just finished a fictional work about the latter stages of William Wallaces life, as well as a trilogy centred around Robert the Bruce, both by the same author, Nigel Tranter. He writes from a historical standpoint, using actual events and characters to weave the stories, and quite brillianty I might add.

Wallace raised a nation, and gave it hope.
Bruce successfully defended Scotland against the English after bringing the Scot nobles to heel, and through this, singlehandedly brought unity to Scotland.

Two distinctly different men, but both displayed a burning patriotism towards Scotland, and an even hotter dislike for the English rule of the time. Edward Longshanks, if the accounts in these books are anything to go by, was completely devoid of compassion and mercy – a monster by any accounts, but once the First Knight of Christendom. It makes me almost ashamed to have an English ancestry, and equally proud to have a Scottish one as well!

Great men…. – are there any who are cut from the same cloth today?

Here is a shame… Africam liquidates


Africam liquidates…
“In a statement issued yesterday, CEO Peter Armitage cited declining advertising revenues and a sharp decline in traffic since the 11 September terror attack as being contributing factors to the company’s decision to seek provisional liquidation for its SA services. Armitage said a major funder had also reneged on a commitment made earlier this year, and the company had been unable to secure sufficient funding to continue operating.”