Does the government of Zimbabwe think we are THAT stupid?

by oneafrikan on November 10, 2001

I was listening to the news on the radio today, and ended up laughing out loud at one of the news items regarding Zimbabwe….

First you have to understand the whole thing in context… the forthcoming presidential elections in Zim….

The Zimbabwean government has just expelled two journalists based in Harare —-> “
The Foreign Correspondents Association of Southern African has condemned the move this week by the government of Zimbabwe to expel two foreign journalists based in Harare. Mecedes Sayagues of the South African weekly Mail and Guardian and Joseph Winter of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) were given 24 hours to pack their belongings and leave the country, even though both possess valid and current work permits. When asked why he was being forced out, Winter was told by officials at the Ministry of Information: “Because you are a journalist.”

You can read an article about this on the web here.

>>>>>Ok – so Zim is getting rid of journo’s.

Then we hear on the radio that the justice minister of Zim makes voting impossible (one cannot vote from outside of the country, and must be a constituent of ones voting area for at least 12 months). The interesting thing here is the opposition party has only 56 seats in the parliament, of 124 (I stand corrected…. the exact number may be different, but the point is the lack of majority) – so any voting against is nigh on impossible, by virtue of the lack of majority.

>>>>>>>So, now they are making it imposible for anyone outside the country to vote in the election…..

Then, and this is still part of the same news report, we hear that Pres. Mugabe, has asked the Zim finance minister to ask for food aid from the international community….

President Robert Mugabe has quietly sent a distress call to the international community for emergency aid worth $19.8 billion to avert a fast-approaching humanitarian disaster caused by shortages of food, foreign currency and fuel.
HARARE: Mugabe last week sent his Finance Minister Simba Makoni to ask United Nations Development Program representative in Zimbabwe Victor Angelo to appeal to the world community for help on Harare�s behalf.

You can read the article on the web here.

>>>> and now they are asking for food aid from the international community….

ok – lets look at this…. there is an election soon, the government of Zim does not want independant journalists in the country, they make it impossible to vote in the said elections unless you have been in your constituency for at least 12 months, and then they have the “absolute %&$kin cheek” to ask for food aid from the intn.l community – not thousands, not millions, not even hundreds of millions – but BILLIONS….

Can you comprehend billions?
Does the government of Zim have any credibility at all?
Do you think that the international aid community is blind?

1. I cannot comprehend billions
2. No credibility at all in my humble opinion
3. Misinformed maybe, naive even, but surely not blind to this.

Anyway, while I was looking for the articles on the web, to support what I had heard on the radio, I came accross this article on….

In fact, if you do a bit of browsing on most of the news sites, you’ll see a trend here – there seems to be an absolute disregard for democracy, honesty and logic in Zim, and this seems to be perpetuated mostly by the president of that country… – I’m seeing shades of Hitler here.

My big problem with this is that the international community is doing nothing about it. Or so it seems. My own president does not want to get involved, I think for fear of pissing Mugabe off, and looking like he is “against” reform in Zim. What a crock of absolute shite we have here. The worst part is that the people of the country are the ones that suffer – and suffer they do. I am a firm believer in giving to those who need, provided it is within my means – and this is extended in my feelings towards the aid community – this is the reason why they are set up, and why they are supported. But here is an example of African politics, and an even better example of how the international community bends over backwards (or is that forwards) for Africa, but does not expect accountability in return – or if they do, the actual accountability is more stance than anything else – let us see what the aid community does, and indeed the whole international community.

My feeling is that to help Zim, and indirectly help Mugabe win an election (through mismanagement of a country, ‘cos that what the food shortage amounts to, and that is what the people will associate the food with – Mugabe) is folly, but not to give aid could be construed as “bad” – for want of a better word. We have a catch-22 here. So, is a lesson to be taught, or does the aid community bend over, and get launched because their statutes demand nothing less….? What we have here is one almighty screw up, and there seems to be none that would oppose it, much less set it to rights…..

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