If u wanna get something done right, do it yourself….

by oneafrikan on December 22, 2001

Hmmmm….. [soapbox] i reckon that we’ve started to move into a phase of humann development where for the most part we are like sheep. i attribute this to sheer numbers. you try imagine 7 billion… more, try imagine 7 billion (…)

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The Rand sinks deeper…

by oneafrikan on December 20, 2001

I’ve lost R5000 with the Rand/Pound exchange rate – in literally one month… BUGGER! I think that whoever is behind this speculation should bugger off, and find another emerging market to screw arond with. These are people they’re affecting, not (…)

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Does everything on the internet have to make money??

by oneafrikan on December 7, 2001

I’m mighty pissed off. Go take a look at dragflick.com. Most people who dont play hockey ask me what my business model is, or how im going to make money from the site, or better yet – “how much money (…)

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