If u wanna get something done right, do it yourself….



i reckon that we’ve started to move into a phase of humann development where for the most part we are like sheep. i attribute this to sheer numbers. you try imagine 7 billion… more, try imagine 7 billion living, breathing, thinking, shitting, fighting people. to get to the top of the heap, you truly have to be exceptional. it goes against ten or more thousand years of human development to think against the stream, to think independantly, and even more importantly, to act differently.

why am i thinking this?
->’cos im sick to death of people leeching off of me, and worse, talking, but not doing.
i feel like i carry people, and i wish they would carry themselves.

i spose it’s a part of what makes us tick, and mebbe this is not the time or the place to say anything, but then again, this is the reason why i added the weblog ot my site – so i can rant, and so that i can clear my head.
mebbe im just tired, or mebbe those poeple really do need to get a life.

The Rand sinks deeper…


I’ve lost R5000 with the Rand/Pound exchange rate – in literally one month…


I think that whoever is behind this speculation should bugger off, and find another emerging market to screw arond with. These are people they’re affecting, not red graph lines in a spreadsheet.

Does everything on the internet have to make money??


I’m mighty pissed off.
Go take a look at dragflick.com.
Most people who dont play hockey ask me what my business model is, or how im going to make money from the site, or better yet – “how much money have you made so far?”.

Crisis!! – does everything have to be for something. Can’t two guys get together and do something cos it makes them happy to do it?

I ask you?