by oneafrikan on April 1, 2002

A very good friend of mine suffered a great tragedy this weekend. My heart goes out to him, and reminds me that although we live in the digital age, for all the digital connectedness in the world, I cannot be (…)

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Sun Wu

by oneafrikan on March 22, 2002

hola from Londontown been reading a lot about Sun Tzu lately, and his impact on modern strategic thinking. Did you know that most (what we would call) modern thinkers on the matter regard his work as seminal, and that he (…)

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by oneafrikan on March 6, 2002

I got an email from the family in South Africa today. I’m proud to say that I am home sick just a little bit right now. Makes me feel happy to know where I’m from, and what I learnt there….


by oneafrikan on February 28, 2002

I’m having a good day! ;-)

Does such a person exist???

by oneafrikan on February 17, 2002

FYI – I’m looking for work in London – not specifically web developer work – but this is interesting anyway…. >>>>>>>>>>>> Job Title: Web Developer Job Reference: CVST_TB/WD Employment Type: permanent Locations: Greater London Salary: �25,000 – �30,000 Start Date: (…)

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Josey Wales

by oneafrikan on February 17, 2002

I had the pleasure of watching “The Outlaw Josey Wales” last night…. A really good old fashioned western flick where the bad guys seem to stumble and fall before they die, clutching their chest in agony… And the good guys (…)

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The war on Aids intensifies….

by oneafrikan on February 17, 2002

it’s about bloody time….. What will the government do now??