My webmail is really shite – it’s so slow, and takes ages to load, ‘spechally with attachments…. It’s cool having my own webmail set up on my server – no banners, no advertising, no space limit – but ‘cos it’s on this slow (like molasses) server, it is very hard to justify the time limit, ‘spechally more so when it’s 2 quid for a half-hour at the local internet cafe…

so, if any of you want a quality Saffa email address – try out webmail.co.za for a good, fast service…

> oneafrikan <

The server is veerreee slow….


If you’ve just got to my site now, I apologise.

Please bear with me – there is content, and it does work like I intended it to, it’s just that it is very slow.

OK – so now I know the server is slow. It’s pissing me off no end. In SA, it’s very fast up and down, but here in London, it’s slow like molasses. But like thick, cold molasses left in the fridge – the type that doesn’t flow when you turn it upside down.

This we will have to remedy soon….
and I think that (mt) will be the best bet.


Very cool flash work – check it out…



Question: is this type of flash work the flavour of the month now? – is this the kind of experimental work which will lead to new UI’s and thus user experiences??, or is it an example of what maths, flash and creativity will create if put into the right hands – cool to look at, but otherwise useless??


I reckon Joshua Davis might disagree, but I also reckon that Jakob Nielson may have a few words to say about it…

Who is your guru??

the job hunt


Well, here we are. It all comes down to this.

I’m in London, CV is done, site is acceptable but not perfect due to resource limitations, the site is also slow due to the SA webserver it’s on, but all in all, I’m all systems go for that elusive job. Here’s to the digital bush telegraph…..


the site



With me living in London, with no access to any hardware or the net for a while, other than internet cafe’s, I’m gonna have to revert to plan ‘B’, which is basically doing what I can with the resources I have at my disposal… which means no photos, a shorter portfolio section, and less links….

I’m sure you’ll get over it! ;-)

London life


Gotta say, London is not what I expected it to be at all. And at this stage, I’m not sure whether it is better or worse. I spose time will tell how I fell about it, and what I make of it…



I got in. I did my job, well. I finished my job, well. I have new stuff to do elsewhere.

I like to think of it as kinda like New Media Guerillas… ;-)