by oneafrikan on January 31, 2002

My webmail is really shite – it’s so slow, and takes ages to load, ‘spechally with attachments…. It’s cool having my own webmail set up on my server – no banners, no advertising, no space limit – but ‘cos it’s (…)

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The server is veerreee slow….

by oneafrikan on January 30, 2002

If you’ve just got to my site now, I apologise. Please bear with me – there is content, and it does work like I intended it to, it’s just that it is very slow. OK – so now I know (…)

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Very cool flash work – check it out…

by oneafrikan on January 28, 2002

http://surface.yugop.com/ Question: is this type of flash work the flavour of the month now? – is this the kind of experimental work which will lead to new UI’s and thus user experiences??, or is it an example of what maths, (…)

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