one afrikan in London

by oneafrikan on January 9, 2002

hmmmm….. im doing the whole “go to London, live in Wimbledon, and see what happens thing….” I confess – I want to travel. I want to see places, experience cultures, and live the world while I still can. And let’s (…)

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getting going….

by oneafrikan on January 7, 2002

This website story is a little more work than I imagined at first. I spose when it’s all done, then it will be easier. The hard part is actually settling with something – you kinda think that by playing with (…)

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SA is the bomb!

by oneafrikan on January 5, 2002

I just spent one of the best holidays at the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal. Picture anywhere between 14 to 25 20’somethings living in a 8 bed house, with a view overlooking the sea, a pool, big garden, big party every (…)

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