Does such a person exist???


FYI – I’m looking for work in London – not specifically web developer work – but this is interesting anyway….


Job Title: Web Developer
Job Reference: CVST_TB/WD
Employment Type: permanent
Locations: Greater London
Salary: �25,000 – �30,000
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Full Time
Key Skills: Web Design, Web development, HTML, DHTML, Dreamweaver,
JavaScript, PHP, Perl, CGI, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Quark
Express, Bryce, Freehand, MAC, Windows, Unix, Linux
Job Description: International publishing and complete communications
organisation require an inventive and creative Web Developer to take a
lead role in developing robust and interesting websites and e-Commerce
portals for major clients in the UK. You will have been working in this
sector for at least 3 years and be competent with a range of web
technologies which will include some of the following: HTML, DHTML,
Dreamweaver, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, CGI, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark,
Quark Express, Bryce, Freehand etc. In addition we are seeking a
technically minded individual with experience of cross-platform development
with a range of operating systems: Apple Mac, MS Windows, UNIX (at least
1 variant) or Linux. You will work on major projects and add creative
style to the final products released on time and to budget.


hehehe – desperately seeking SuperWebDeveloper….!!

NOTE: the 3 years experience in a similiar type role, with e-comm portal dev….. but they dont ask for any database experience, no vb, no java etc…. and you’d think with all the design type skills this person does rocket science in his spare time while dreaming up his next major work of art (note the BRYCE bit hehe)…..

Hmmmm….. yes, I am on the net right now, so there are a few posts tonite, and YES, I do think that employers need to assess their needs before they post new jobs….

Now, YES, in South Africa, we were generalists, because it paid to have a few people capable of a few roles, rather than hiring absolute specialists who were redundant or in demand depending on the work on the table… companies were lean and mean, able to react to the demands of the market – the team was consistent, the salaries were consistent, the people were consistent, and we were consistent, BUT we still kept to what we were best at. So I admit it, we were able to work in different disciplines…. but our designer was not an e-comm. portal developer – that was left to Obi-Wan…

NOW – the tables seem to have turned, where companies want to pay one person to do ALL OF A LOT of work – the problem is that technology is diverging now – there are more and more technologies which are becoming mission critical, and less and less time to become specialised in any one of them…. if you sleep that is…..

contract cost – some bodies = less overheads = more profit = bigger bottom line

(but the work better be done good, or you shoot yerself in the foot longterm…)

PUT IT THIS WAY - if you were doing an environmental impact assessment, would you want a savanna ecologist studying your wetland, looking for elephant? - NO, you want a marine ecologist doing marine ecology, and a savanna ecologist doing savanna ecology...

in the same way… you want an e-comm. specialist doing e-comm. applications, not dabbling with Bryce on work time – leave that to a designer who you can bring in to do the job and then leave…. BUT, the e-comm. guy should at least be able to open up Fireworks/ImageReady/Photoshop/PaintShopPro/Paint/ etc etc, slice and dice, and then make the whole thing look pretty…

MY TWO CENTS…. and the end of “Business 101 for Absolute Dummies”

Josey Wales


I had the pleasure of watching “The Outlaw Josey Wales” last night….
A really good old fashioned western flick where the bad guys seem to stumble and fall before they die, clutching their chest in agony…

And the good guys always seeom to come out tops… Cool!! – pity that the golden age of western flicks has ‘seemingly’ come to an end. Remember The Alamo, The Magnificent Seven, and A Fistful of Dollars? – good vs bad, no complications, no worries…
Are the sci-fi flicks of today the next generation of westerns… I think that I’m gonna get onto my horse and look for a white rabbit, while trying to extract myself from intergalactic goo…



i want to let my mind go…. to be able to look into things and find
the truth – my mind, as i get older, is asking for more
and more stimulation – i feel almost like im in a stale rut now….
there are very few things that peak my interest, and even fewer which
i am absolutely passionate about, which i would pour myself into.

sometimes i think that there are few people who understand this about
me, and fewer who respect it. i can have a beer in a bar full of
sailors, then go have tea with the queen, and then meet with a nobel
prize winner – with each one, i am able to converse and communicate,
with each one i find what is interesting about them, and apply that to
my life… i grow with each encounter. there are few people who
stretch me.

my place is ever more harder to see – one one hand there is the need
for money to be able to do things – you need money to have a webserver
and to have access to the net and an ADSL line, yet i prefer to live
close to the earth, to experience fundamental things, and to be simple
in my existence…. this is a paradox which i cannot explain, nor
understand – i need to find my medium…..

take it or leave it

Web guru’s


I was sitting in the tube today, and I picked up a mag with an article about web guru’s like Joshua Davis and (help me) Nakamura??, which proceeded to babble about the possibilities of design, and the mindlessness of some of the work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Joshua is a GURU, but sometimes I think that people overestimate or misunderstand what he is about. He is not there for the acclaim – if you’ve read the 100th issue of k10k, you’d understand that statement – and he is not a arsehole either. I think he is simply pushing boundaries, looking for new ways… and the work we see is the result….. I wish I had a copy of his hard drive… ;-)

anyway – my two cents…