by oneafrikan on February 16, 2002

i want to let my mind go…. to be able to look into things and find
the truth – my mind, as i get older, is asking for more
and more stimulation – i feel almost like im in a stale rut now….
there are very few things that peak my interest, and even fewer which
i am absolutely passionate about, which i would pour myself into.

sometimes i think that there are few people who understand this about
me, and fewer who respect it. i can have a beer in a bar full of
sailors, then go have tea with the queen, and then meet with a nobel
prize winner – with each one, i am able to converse and communicate,
with each one i find what is interesting about them, and apply that to
my life… i grow with each encounter. there are few people who
stretch me.

my place is ever more harder to see – one one hand there is the need
for money to be able to do things – you need money to have a webserver
and to have access to the net and an ADSL line, yet i prefer to live
close to the earth, to experience fundamental things, and to be simple
in my existence…. this is a paradox which i cannot explain, nor
understand – i need to find my medium…..

take it or leave it