You know you’re a South African kid born between 1970 and 1980 , if:

by oneafrikan on April 10, 2003

Images of “Tick-tock Time”, “Wielie Walie”, “Rupert”, “Liewe Heksie”,
“The Gummi Bears”, “Pumpkin Patch” and “Bennie Boekwurm” still float
through your mind.

You had to beg your parents to let you stay up to watch “Dallas”,

“WKRP”, Magnum PI” “Family Ties”, Three’s Company” and “Who’s the
Boss” at 8:30pm.

You used words like: “shotbru”, “kiff”, “lekker” “safe”, “my China”,
“don’t tune me grief”, “smaak”, “wicked”, “dude”, “dweeb”, “klap”,
“dop”, “chow”, “dos” and “my pozzie”.

You know how to do the “Moonwalk”, how to “Breakdance” .You KNOW who
shot “JR” but can’t remember.

You owned either a Rubik’s Cube, BMX, Donky Kong Game, luminous socks,
Kung-fu shoes, Atari, walkman, Ken doll, Matchbox cars (esp.”HotWheels”)
or Cabbage-Patch Kid.

You went to the movies to watch “Star Wars”, “Saturday Night Fever”
“Grease”, “The God’s Must Be Crazy”, “ET”, “Annie”, “Rocky III”,
“Superman”, “Flashdance”, “Beverly Hills Cop , “Ghostbusters”, “Top
Gun”, “Dirty Dancing” and “The Naked Gun”….and “Karate Kid” and
all the kids would karate after they left the movie house)

You remember how large chocolate bars actually WERE!

You remember what R5 could buy you, viz. (i) the bus into town, (ii) a
movie, (iii) a Coke and popcorn, (iv) a pie, chip roll, chips and
milkshake & (v) the bus home.

You were allowed time-off from school to watch Lady Diana marry
Prince Charles.

You frequented the corner-shop because they had ‘cool’ games like “Pac
Man” and “Rally X” and “Shinobi.”

You attended the Coca-Cola/Fanta Yo-Yo competitions with a view to
winning a “Chopper bike”, “BMX” or Coca-Cola sweatshirt.

You were distraught beyond all comparison when you missed Haley’ Comet.

Your favourite chips were “Monster Munch” and “Kreols” that nobody liked
to admit they enjoyed because they smelled of fish.

You remember “Love Is” and “Mammals” stickers being the craze, and you
bought them for 5 cents each.

You remember how cool it was to wear cut-off sweatshirts, luminous
plastic bangles and Chinese attire.

You have images of Zola Budd mistakenly tripping Mary Decker in the
500m at the Los Angeles Olympic Games . You thought aerobics was the in –
thing to do.

The only tekkies available before 1989 were “North Stars” superstars
Plain white tennis shoes which could be miraculously cleaned with “shoe

You can recite, word-for-word, the lyrics to songs like “Don’t Worry, Be
Happy”, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Like a Virgin”, “Billie Jean”,
“Relax”, “Club Tropicana”, “Cruel Summer”, “Blue Monday”, “Uptown Girl”,
“Major Tom”, “You Spin Me Round”, “Safety Dance”, “Oh Lamour”, “Man on the
Moon”, “Down Under”, “I Should Be So Lucky”, “Never Gonna Give You Up” and
“Taxi Man”.

You thought rap music was cool, and sang freely to songs like “U Can’t
Touch This”, “Ice-ice Baby”, “Pump Up The Jam” and “This Beat is

Our idea of fun in school was to slide down the banks on boxes, form
little gangs, Hold charm/marble competitions and play rounders/stingers in
the street.

Your idea of good food included Wimpy Burgers, Milo, Nesquick,Smurfers,
Tinkies, Tempo’s, Smarties, Marmite, Fray Bentos, Black Cat and Pronutro.

Open-discos ruled!

And finally …You remember the pandemonium that resulted when “Scope”
magazine removed the ‘stars’ to expose the naked female breast !!!