Fireworks and batch processing

by oneafrikan on May 18, 2003

Busy working on my photojournal – decided to go the database driven route – and have found that Fireworks (MX) does quite a good job of batch processing images… and can even batch process multiple folders, which is a nice (…)

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SA Environmental White Paper

by oneafrikan on May 18, 2003

Came accross the Environmental white paper for SA today… check it out here… Did some research and studying around this document when i was at university, so i’m gonna read / browse it now, and see if my perspective / (…)

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sweet swikiri

by oneafrikan on May 13, 2003

I’ve been so busy with lately… Swikiri was a finalist in the New Media Construction Awards; and from next month is an invited member of… and has had good reviews from both international people, as well as local (…)

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English to Zulua

by oneafrikan on May 11, 2003

In case you’re wondering about English to Zulu translations…


by oneafrikan on May 2, 2003

In Barcelona with Rory, at the OFFF conference…. trying to figure out the Spanish keyboards, and getting a stiff neck from all the beautiful spanish senoritas around… Barcelona is a beautiful city, and am thoroughly enjoying it! more layta ME