The collapse of biodiversity?


This month saw a new report from The World Conservation Union (IUCN) which
highlighted the tragic fact that species of whales, dolphins and porpoises,
part of the Cetaceans family, have been put on the endangered species list
and may disappear in the next 10 years. This unfortunately is just one of
many such disturbing reports that are pointing to the collapse of

The publication called, Dolphins, Whales and Porpoises: 2002-2010
Conservation Action Plan for the World’s Cetaceans is the result of 15 years
of study and is the third Action Plan to be recommended to help track levels
of the endangered species as well as provide conservation guidelines. The
report is not only for scientists but provides information for

The first plan was issued in 1988 and since this time there has been both
success and failure in preventing the depletion of species of Cetaceans. A
number of larger well-known whale species are now showing signs of recovery
but it is the lesser species that are struggling to prevail in the world of
commercial fishing and changing ecosystems. A freshwater dolphin known as
the baiji is the most endangered species with estimates that there may now
be as few as 20 – 25 dolphins remaining. The report hopes to turn things
around for as many Cetacean species as possible.

However the Cetacean family are not the only ones at risk, there are vast
numbers of creatures that are becoming threatened and the results are having
an alarming affect on the Earth’s biodiversity.

Zimbabwe’s currency…


If true, this is quite shocking, albeit humorous…:

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Congrats to my Mom!!


My mom just found out she’s been offered a contract by a UK publisher for the book she’s written – so after five years of working on her labour of love, congratulations Mom – i know you deserve it, and the world needs to read what you’ve written ;-)