generation X??

by oneafrikan on July 31, 2003

Is this what it’s coming to?…


by oneafrikan on July 30, 2003

by Marigold Crabass Lately Bush has been claiming that he gets instructions from God. He also says that America is on a mission. The American mission of course is trustworthy, friendly, courteous, kind, brave, clean and reverent. Any other mission (…)

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I like this concept

by oneafrikan on July 28, 2003

ecotonoha – go check it out ;-)

Saddam and Rugby

by oneafrikan on July 24, 2003

Saddam Hussein has appeared on Iraqi TV this morning to quell rumours of his death in an explosion in Baghdad yesterday. To prove that the appearance was not prerecorded, Saddam stated “I watched the Rugby on Saturday and the Springboks (…)

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Jedi Master

by oneafrikan on July 22, 2003

This is incredibly funny… watch the first version, and then watch the other versions with sound effects and all sorts of additions!! – awesome ;-)

Madiba turns 85

by oneafrikan on July 18, 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADIBA Madiba turns 85 today, and so we celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest leaders of recent history!

Bokke magic!

by oneafrikan on July 14, 2003

I feel proud to be a Springbok supporter – what magic the bokke dealt the Auzzies on Saturday!! The World Cup draws nearer, and never, ever, ever, underestimate the Springboks… ;-)