by oneafrikan on July 30, 2003

by Marigold Crabass

Lately Bush has been claiming that he gets instructions from God. He also says that America is on a mission. The American mission of course is trustworthy, friendly, courteous, kind, brave, clean and reverent. Any other mission in the world is evil, thus part of the American mission will be to destroy all other missions.

However to take this as anything other than a Washington scriptwriter’s version of reality makes no sense. These people in Washington care less about morality. They care less about the teachings of Jesus and the meaning of God. The wouldn’t know a religious mission unless it were underneath an oil field.

To mistake spin for reality is like watching Star Trek and wondering when
you can join the Starfleet Academy. Mind you, some people will think that
someday they will join the Star Fleet, and that Captain Picard will sail them into the universe fighting for truth, justice and the Enterprise way. And some people believe the National Enquirer.

It’s to the gullible that Washington spin directs it’s attention. It’s meant to put a shining face of heroism and religious fervor on rank capitalistic speculation and the war machine that brings in the supplies. By the amount of flag sales lately, one sees how many people actually fall for it. But then again, the American public buys pretty much anything packaged the right way.

However, when journalists start taking the scriptwriters seriously, we have a problem. It’s one thing for Bush to believe his own media, but quite another for journalists in business to find a deeper truth. Bush doesn’t get messages from God. He probably has a difficult time figuring out his own thoughts. America isn’t on a mission for truth and justice and religious zeal. America needs resources so it can make more stuff so that corporations can sell it.

Go to the store and look at the box the cereal comes in. It’s looks good.
Nice pictures. Great logo. Interesting words that lead you to feel healthy
or fun buying it. But the cereal inside is just plain dried grain. So
goes Americas empire adventures and the advertising behind it. What would it take to make rape, pillage and plunder sell? It’s simple. God is on our side! Followed by nice pictures and a great logo and interesting words that lead a person to feel good about buying it. Packaging makes the product
sell. America sells war, mercenary armies and the thievery of resources
with God, flags, theme music and nifty logos.

Real discussions about philosophy and the meaning of God rarely consist of pillaging and killing. Rarely does one hear the quantum physicists and theologians discuss cruise missiles and a 2 billion dollar a day budget to
explain the great mysteries of the universe. It’s only when people need
resources do the Washington scriptwriters call down the name of God as a comrade in arms. The more resources needed, the more sales pitch to show that God stands on the battlefield with the righteous army. In the case of Iraq, sales skills and advertising budgets went over the top. Not only is God on our side, but God is wrapped in the American flag with George W. Bush at his side. And God Almighty did it work! Millions of people lined up to buy those flags and bumpers stickers.

However, just because you say that God is on your side, doesn’t mean it defines God, nor religion, nor the real reasons a person goes to war. It’s just a convenient way of covering up the tragedies of war, plundering of human rights and the destruction of the environment needed to bring home the plastic, wood, rubber, oil, and whatever else is needed by the great consuming public.

God, the great mystery, the ultimate reality, the first cause, the divine universal truth – Yes indeed, he talks to Bush. If you believe that the Bush regime believes that, then I have a box of flags I’d like to sell you. God isn’t a human being taking sides. It’s all public relations, and the sad part is that it works too much of the time, keeping people to debate the absurdity or the wonder of it. Meanwhile, funding is cancelled for science and the arts, including theology, all of which would discuss God in meaningful ways – canceled so that the great consumer wars can continue.

Furthermore, Bush and his pals keep bringing up their Christian faith to validate their acts of aggression and war. However, Jesus Christ never once mentioned bombing another country to liberate it from tyranny in the Bible. So when people in the highest offices of America say their Christian faith leads them to support this war, one has to wonder just what stocks they hold
in oil companies or weapons manufacturers. Christian can’t support war
because Jesus Christ never supported war. In fact, he said something about turning the other cheek. Now these people may be looking at some old testament stuff to support war, but one would think Christianity would be based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and not some obscure text that Jesus said meant nothing from his day forward. Christ. Christianity. Get it?

So George W Bush and John Ashcroft can stand with digitally created, red, white and blue halos around their heads, with swells of God Bless America filling the air, while they talk about Christianity and divine word from God all they want. It makes for a great show. Very vaudevillian. It’s P.
T Barnum meets Michelangelo. One can almost see Dick Cheney as one of
the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. But it’s a show nevertheless. A show. Not reality. The reality goes a lot different. The largest and most expensive military ever assembled tramples anyone in the path of resources needed by the corporations controlling that military.

However, when we buy into the show, (or lets just call it for what it is,
propaganda,) we’re denying our role in the scheme of things. We sit in front of our plastic computers, drive our oil run cars, travel to exciting places on jets, go see films, buy lots of CDs and DVDs, use paint, laundry soap, bug spray and buy all manner of other junk and then complain of the
wars for resources. What we forget is this. George W. Bush is the pusher
man. And God Damn the pusher man.

It’s too distasteful for consumers to understand that the war is for them.
Say what? Yes, you heard me right. Do you want all those people driving to
work tomorrow to lose their cars, and their jobs? Do you want Wal Mart , K Mart, Home Depot, the Mall, and Walgreens to close and have all those people on the streets starving to death?

Do you want people to come after you when they find out YOUR job destroys the environment, creates wars and stresses civil rights? Where will you find money to eat? Do you want people to tell you that maybe you shouldn’t have had more kids when tens of thousand already die from starvation each
day? Gee, but your kids are so darn cute.

No. It’s much easier to believe that the Bush regime really does think it’s hearing from God and God says, Go for it! You might not like it. You might think it’s crazy or pathetic or scary. But looking at the truth is far more of each. We are the problem. All the happy breeders and shoppers.

Population and consumption. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. So we need Bush, or someone like him to be our pusher man. He gets us the plastic and oil and other junk we need to populate and consume. We hate him for it because we all know we’re against a wall. But hate as we may, we
just need more and more and more. Those fucking withdrawals. Stop
breeding. Stop shopping. That hurts way too much. In other words, we have those low down dope fiend blues.

But, the real drag is this. Like many addicts, we’re going to kill ourselves getting high. If we continue to shop and populate, we will continue to use mercenary force to gather resources. Resources run out, so the wars get more brutal. If we continue to breed and shop the environment gets stressed, changes to our disadvantage, dies. But, it hurts to stop, so
bad. We NEED to populate and consume. We need to. Just have to do it.
It’s the bottom line.

No one talks about populations much anymore. It’s considered a hoax to even think of overpopulation. And it’s too embarrassing and difficult. That would mean talking about sex education. That would mean talking about heterosexism. People would rather talk about how crazy, evil and scary Bush and his regime can be.

People kind of sort of talk about consumer habits. Some people recycle. Some might even send a check to Earth First or whatever. But in the end
people just shrug and say, hey a person’s gotta live. And a person’s gotta
have new CDs, and a person’s gotta have a car, oh and a few kids. Who’s to say what each person’s needs. Right? That would be communism and no one wants that. So, if Bush thinks he’s getting messages from God then praise the Lord and pass the jelly donuts.

But here’s the rub. If you start pointing fingers at the shoppers and the breeders, then look out. People might hate Bush, but they have a special place on the hate list for personal responsibility and those who point it out. We’re talking Crucifixion. In fact, after Jesus pissed people off by daring to confront the capitalist war pigs of his era, by daring to love other men, by daring to confront the family structure, that’s exactly what they did to him.

Only today, you would be shunned by both the corporate money-makers and
their detractors. You’d get flack on the left for being off agenda. After
all, Bush is the problem. Corporations are the problem. The problem isn’t a leftist’s family, car, computer, house, nor anything they may do for a living. After all, they are working towards a solution, one for a more
righteous future. And you would be harassed by the right for being
unpatriotic. After all, Bush is the solution, etc etc. blah blah blah.

We, the human species, are in a tough spot for sure. Our entire political spectrum appears to be debating illusions. Rather than looking at the problems, the debates centers around a show created by the media. This should be cause for alarm. Mass extinction of species is well under way, and
it looks like humans will be next in line. However, calling Bush names and
debating whether he actually believes he’s on a divine mission will not solve the problem.

Not that I know what the answer is. After all, I am a shopper, if not a breeder. Nevertheless, problems can not be solved if we don’t first define the problem. If we spend all our time debating the show being produced for our amusement, then time is a wasting. If we condemn people who point that finger of responsibility not only at Bush but at all of us, then we will surely perish.

I’ve seen a bumper sticker that says, “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself.” While that makes for a drastic solution, it does address the problem. People breed. Then people need things. The by-product of both is pollution. When a person needs something, they sometimes go to any length to get it. Or hire someone who will. It matters not that Bush hears voices from God. The point is that we all hear voices from God. This voice says, “Go to Home Depot, Wal Mart, the nice new place that just opened, the movies, the ice cream shop, the toy store and to hell with the rest.” The rest being kids underneath falling bombs. If that isn’t Godly, then I don’t know what is.

A friend told me that she sees the current human situation much like a volcano. It’s an act of nature that spews out of the ground, destroying everything in it’s path, then cools and stops. Perhaps that’s true. Perhaps there really is a God and our anthropomorphism of the universal “I Am” makes little sense. It just is. Whether we survive or not matters little if at all. Only God is eternal.

Or perhaps we can actually look at our problems, make choices about breeding, consumption, and pollution, without discussing what Bush has to say about anything. If the latter, then the time is now. Mass extinction doesn’t wait until you get back from the store to buy your kids new shoes.

Thanks to Marigold ;-)