Latest Virus…

by oneafrikan on January 28, 2004

Dear Customer,

(mt) Media Temple would like to inform you and the Contacts on your account that there has recently been an outbreak of a worm spread via email in much the same way that the SoBig virus was transmitted last summer. This virus, which goes by the names Mydoom, Novarg, and Mimail.R has several attack points and can affect versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 98 through Windows XP and 2003. It is setting a new speed record for infection and it is currently estimated that one out of every twelve email messages on the internet is being generated by this new and malicious worm. For more information please look here:

View the article on Yahoo here

(mt) Media Temple is taking proactive steps to help our customers avoid infection. We are installing special MailProtect filters on all of our (ss) Shared-Server systems that will automatically erase these damaging emails before they are delivered to your user accounts. We additionally encourage our users to update their anti-virus software accordingly and run Microsoft Windows Update where appropriate to ensure the smooth operation of your home and business machines.


(mt) Media Temple
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