Google Gmail and feeding your Inbox

by oneafrikan on December 10, 2004

If you’re a user of some kind of syndicated content (like RSS / Atom) then you’ll be glad to know that if you use Gmail, there is a feed from your Inbox…

And if you’re a Firefox user, then you’ll be even more happy, because when you go to your Gmail using Firefox, look at the bottom right of the browser window for a little orange square. Click on it, and you’ll get a little dialogue box which allows you to put that Atom feed into Firefox’s bookmarks as a “livemark” – hence the ability to use your bookmarks to navigate through your email messages…

Pretty neat eh??

Now, if you’re a technology enthusiast or an early adopter you’ll love this feature even more as it gives you a 3 second look at what’s in your Inbox, it means that if you don’t log off from the web based Gmail then you’ll always be able to get to your Inbox without logging in all the time. Of course, if you get your Gmail delivered to your email client of choice, then it’s kinda redundant isn’t it?

Why I like this:
Google has taken a new technology that doesn’t yet have widespread acceptance and (more importantly) usage, and essentially thrown a big, recognised brand behind it. Over time more people will use it, pushing it into the mainstream…

That said, Internet Explorer (with a slipping, but still dominant market share) doesn’t make it this easy to view feeds so I’m thinking that barriers at the moment are that unless someone knows about Feeds, uses Firefox (or a browser that offers something similiar) and also knows that Gmail offers a feed into their Inbox, they’re not going to be an early adopter.

Clearly the folks at Google are listening to what’s going on in the market – at a quick glance, neither Yahoo nor Hotmail are doing it.
Why?, I don’t know – perhaps their number of users is just too high to implement (but I think that’s a crap excuse) , perhaps they’ve got their heads in the proverbial sand, or perhaps they’re working on bigger and better stuff….
Who knows?

Go look:
Feedster search result that sent me some referrers…

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