Using search engines effectively

by oneafrikan on December 15, 2004

Ever typed in a search phrase in a search engine and get many, many results that are not relevant?

Well – I’ve been trying to figure out how to do something in Outlook, trying many search phrases, only to get too many result, and each time to give up in frustration. So, today I tried another phrase that came to mind, and it worked.

I started with:
always have groups collapsed in Outlook 2003 -> in Google

then wen’t to:
always have “groups collapsed” in Outlook 2003 -> in Google

Notice the difference in the search terms, using the ” ” to get Google to search for posts that have both “groups” and “collapsed” on the same page…

I then found:
which was the first result and solved my problem.

Turns out this is something that I should know as I’ve seen it before, but obviously didn’t make the connection!

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