Listing all Team sites

by oneafrikan on December 16, 2004

Found this by following a link from Bil’s site:

Listing all Team sites
Looks like there’s other people interested in something I’d like to do.

I think that having a list of the team sites running on a Sharepoint installation should be mandatory, especially if you work in an organisation where there are likely to be more than a few, and you’re likely to be a part of more than one. It just makes common sense to me.

Which is one of the frustrating bits of Sharepoint – it’s this really cool (if you’re into calling software cool that is) out of the box Microsoft products that does a lot of what most people need, but there is also a lot lacking… I’m not looking at this as a developer, but as a user, and someone who would use it to derive a business benefit.

More on that in the months to come…

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