the iPod Mini thumbsuck battery life test

by oneafrikan on January 24, 2005

Like all good technology lovers, I had to test how long my iPod mini’s battery would last, given a set of almost realistic assumptions. You know, for that day when I’m away from a wall socket or my PC for long enough not to be able to charge my iPod. I have a curious habit of letting my mobile phone battery discharge completely, so that I can re-charge it completely – my rationale is that it will last for longer, as it’s “keeping” it’s memory… At this stage, I still get 10 days from my mobile and am quite happy with that.

Anyways, the litmus test: as of now, it’s been on continuosly for 5hr08min, which is pretty good considering I thought it was averaging only 2 hours, and it still has two bars of the battery indicator to go…

This, of course, is a completely scientific and reliable test you can replicate anywhere…

Edit: and as of now, it’s stopped at 6hrs and 37mins… which is in and around the results found at

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