India, Pakistan and South Africa as offshore options for software development


One of the things that you have to take into account when you offshore something as intricate and risky as software development is the inherent stability of the place you’re offshoring to.

As this article in the EE Times mentions, geopolitical turbulance can be troublesome and can present many obstacles for successfully getting a project out the door.

My motivation for writing this comment is that while India and Pakistan may be good options, so is South Africa. I work in the offshoring industry at large, and it seems that literally everyone is going to India for obvious reasons – but whichever way you cut it, there are other factors to consider when taking something offshore, other than just the cost.

What is the project management component part of the project, relative to the actual software development?
How long is testing going to take?
Is the currency stable?
Are you hedged against that currency?
Is the business you’re contracting your project to stable?
Have you credit checked them? Do they have other long term projects, which therefore offer you peace of mind?

My vested interest is that South Africa’s economy is relatively stable, and it’s stable exchange rate provides an attractive option for overseas businesses and investors to take advantage of. While South Africa may be in a political hotbed, with Zimbabwe being the most obvious sore thumb, it’s unlikely anyone is going to declare war on us, nor drop bombs on Johannesburg or Cape Town – if anything, if there is a drop in the exchange rate, it makes for a more lucrative investment as you stand to get more bang for your buck – the fact remains that the government is still stable, and the country is stable.

While it’s tech industry is not as large as India’s, and it’s population is nowhere near as large as India’s nor Pakistan, it is an option to consider, and one worth discussing with your colleagues.

I really dislike my Sony Ericsson k700i, I want an Apple Mobile


Just upgraded my contract from a Nokia 6310i, which was a superb, easy, simple phone to use, to the Sony Ericsson k700i. The problem is that it’s just too much – I don’t need 80% of what’s on the new phone, and the UI is totally SHITE – I know, you’re saying that I should go get another phone.

Have you looked at whats on the market now? Do you see the crap the Nokia is spitting out now? Are you aware of how much bloatware is in most phones?

Anyways – private rant over – I may get used to it, but think I’m just going to go back to my old Nokia….

OR, better yet, get an Apple mobile:
Google Search: Apple mobile phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!