Siebel Releases On-Demand Software For Vertical Markets


_ InformationWeek >Siebel Releases On-Demand Software For Vertical Markets
Siebel Systems Inc. on Tuesday released the latest version of its on-demand customer-relationship-management software, highlighted by the first wave of editions customized for vertical industries, albeit several months behind schedule.

I wonder how much catch up is going to cost? Beefs Up Office Integration


_ Beefs Up Office Integration is hitching itself to the Microsoft bandwagon. The maker of on-demand customer-relationship-management software is introducing a software development kit that will let developers use the company’s sforce programming interface to build links between and Microsoft Office applications.

Going on holiday


Phew, I’m off on annual leave on the 14th of April, and it’s kinda snuck up on me. So much to organise and get together so that Sarah and I can have a cool time. But, when you get your accomodation sorted out (for a few days ;-) at a place like AbacoVilla, then it all seems worthwhile!

Note to all those people not from South Africa:
Bet you wish you were able to get some of that!

Article 13 updates with more on China


From the Article 13 newsletter:

This update explores the opportunities and challenges presented by the startling economic growth of China. The issue is certainly topical with BBC News recently featuring “China Week”, a series of programmes exploring modern China. Article 13 offers fresh perspectives on this hot issue…

For the past 15 years, the US “empire” has been the dominant force shaping business and we have become used to a particular set of values and expectations in doing “good business”. Working with China is different, and in order to break the cycle of “business as usual”, you need to understand how it is different. Read our expert view, “Emerging economies, new opportunities?” to find out more…

Much has been written about China – its threats and opportunities, but in our briefing papers Article 13 offers fresh insights by considering how the issues of CSR can help identify corporate social opportunity. We map out the scale of the opportunities that China offers, and the nature of the challenges that working in China presents.

Finally, our best practice case studies highlight leading practice in undertaking successful business ventures in China. CH2M Hill has developed a strong market performance on the basis of promoting sustainable development. We also look at how BP is taking on the controversial agenda of energy and resource use.