Backing up your work is just plain common sense

by oneafrikan on March 7, 2005

“Why back up?” I hear you asking, or, “I back up when I need to”, I hear you saying…

Wrong!!! – back up now, do it!

I lost 2 years of work once, when my “trusty” hard drive decided to crash – email, files, backups, layouts, code, applications – this was all back in the day when I had access to the net via a dial up modem, and downloading something was the only way to make sure you had access to it when you were offline…

One of my collegues recently had the hard drive of his laptop fail, but luckily he could get back up as he had been making regular backups – not everything mind, but enough not to lose his sense of identity…

Ask yourself what you keep pn your computer, that is important to you, that if you lost it would mean real pain? – I mean, the kind of pain like re-writing a software application from scratch, having clients take the piss because you lost vital contractual information / documents / emails on your machine, re-designing something in your design app of choice because you loose a month of design work, or losing that email your girlfriend sent you telling you how she felt about you – the one that you havn’t printed and put away somewhere safe.

Instead of going through a whole procedure of do’s and dont’s, follow these guys approaches, and learn from them – everyone has their own setup and their own needs so you will probably want to tweak their ideas.
_ Alex King
_ Matthew Mullenweg – the comments are the juicy bits.

Remember – every hard drive will at some point fail, it will die, it will stop whirring sweet nothings gently to the fan in your CPU box.

As for me, I’m going the:
120GB internal IDE HDD daily backup, as well as the
external FireWire Lacie 250GB Big Disk weekly backup, all driven by
SecondCopy, running on a Dell WinXP machine.

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