How to deploy Sharepoint Portal Server successfully

by oneafrikan on March 10, 2005

I was at a Sharepoint seminar at MSN offices in SOHO this morning, run by Domino Systems, entitled “How to deploy Sharepoint Portal Server successfully“.

The key take home points for me were:

  1. Sharepoint is a more mature product, but still needs some work.
  2. BUT, it’s still in the early adopter phase, and further growth of it’s marketshare will require a paradigm shift in the minds of users, to get the most out of it.
  3. There are many productivity, efficiency and collaboration reasons to start using it, with many, many features that make it a compelling option for an intranet / extranet.
  4. It can be very easy to use and customise, if you know how.
  5. If you run any type of organisation that uses SQL databases to store data (CRM, accounting, ERP blah blah) then getting that data into the Sharepoint interface (typically for reporting) is not very difficult and could thus radically change the way you view your critical data and make decisions on the fly.
  6. Integration with the other usual office applications is tight.

For the most part it’s encouraging, and with Sharepoint as standard on Server 2003, it’s more than likely going to find more and more adopters – there isn’t a massive learning curve, and it does have real benefits to using it. Although it seems that MSFT are late’ish to the party (again?), I think the fact that most everyone use Office, Sharepoint will become a no-brainer just for it’s tight integration with the Office family of products.

I’m going to be writing more about Sharepoint in the coming months, and look forward to sharing insights and knowledge with you, so stay tuned ;-)

What have your experiences with Sharepoint been?

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