Around the Web: 2005-03-16

by oneafrikan on March 16, 2005

_ NearlyFreeSpeech.NET
They offer “1GB/$1 hosting with no gimmicks”. Looks interesting, and it seems that they’re doing ok – I’m not sure that business model is sustainable, and as talk is cheap on a website, there’s really no way to know other than to watch them and see what transpires…

_ Scoble’s link Blog.
If you’re into tech at all, it’s worth a visit, and probably worth the RSS feed too.

which lead me to…

_ Productizing Open Source
Firefox is open source, and I love Firefox. It simply kicks IE ass all over the place. What more is there to say.
That doesn’t mean that half the browser population doesn’t even know what Firefox is tho’…

_ If you’re a Geek and you’re in London
Hey, if I can catch a ball does that mean I can’t come?

_ I read How to Start a Startup with some interest this week, sent Paul an email, and got a reply sending me to the Summer Founders Program, which looks damn cool shit hot. If I was a pup and in the States, I’d sooooo wanna do that. The application form is pretty cool as well – should sort the men from the boys, so to speak.

_ The New Rules of Email Marketing
Haven’t read it yet, but looks interesting, and will do – another arms race. Evolution is everywhere ;-)

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