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by oneafrikan on March 16, 2005

Brad first brought this into my radar a while ago, while the Write the living Web article on A list Apart goes into much more detail. I know Brad was concerned about a few things at his previous employers, but felt that he couldn’t talk about it, even though it could have been really useful to a lot of people in the industry (not trade secrets, but something about sql triggers – ask him!).

Recently while lurking in my RSS feeds, I came accross this post from Scoble in reply to A Public service announcement from Chuq, where they talk about being an employee and blogging…

It’s an interesting dilemma, ‘cos on the one hand bloging is a pretty new phenomenon. My take is that if you blog about Apple, but don’t do anything naughty like talk about a new product before official release, then you should be fine. We’re not in the dark ages here. My girl Sarah is a lawyer, and she would argue that it depends on your contract – does it explicitly state that you cannot blog, or blog about Apple, or communicate confidential information etc etc etc – you could go on and on. So you probably should read your contract before starting employment at a firm where you are likely to get a lot of attnetion.

Anwyays – so that’s what I was thinking, when I came accross this little gem on the Sun blog site:
The individuals who post here work at Sun Microsystems. The opinions expressed here are their own, are not necessarily reviewed in advance by anyone but the individual authors, and neither Sun nor any other party necessarily agrees with them.

Note that it talks about opinions. What do you think?

Technorati man Dave Sifry says something nice about Niall Kennedy’s post entitled “Whose voice is it anyway?

Interesting stuff here – I’m sure this debate will rage on and on…

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