by oneafrikan on March 16, 2005

Norman sent BugMeNot – Bypass Compulsory Web Registration to me a few days ago.
Looks pretty interesting, and ethics aside, I think it’s kick ass. I did try it on the New York Times (our company did some work that was mentioned in an article that I wanted to read) and it was cool. There’s an article about it over on Poynter.org which talks a bit about it, and discussion which seems to swing both ways.

I’m thinking with my business hat on now:
I give advertisers, who pay my wages, stats on who visits my site, what they look at and when they come – so I think that BugMeNot isn’t really that cool. It kinda makes me feel violated.

And thinking with my user hat on now:
I don’t have the time or the inclination to give any site my details, unless I visit there a lot, and read their content regularly, so BugMeNot makes my life easier… Besides, who gives their real details anyways?

So it’s a moot point methinks, and more to the point, an arms race which looks prety interesting… One thing I can say is that it seems it’s a case for better analytics, not necessarily user intrusion?

What do you think?

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