Productivity: feeling overcommitted

by oneafrikan on March 16, 2005

Jason puts it nicely in this post about feeling overcommitted.

I know that sometimes I do make too many agreements with myself, and others, and it inevitably leads to either disappointment or frustration, neither of which is good for me in general. So, my trick is to try keep my calendar acurate as far forward as possible, so that I am with integrity able to make agreements with myself and others that have a chance of coming to fruition. A daily checkup to see what my engagements are, and a weekly review keep me in check – the next habit to take on board is the monthly 10 and 20 000 feet review.

I’m also learning to say no, which has been a massive learning curve, and one which I can now start to see the real value of. How ften do you say no to people, not becuase you’re mean, but because you know that you’re honestly not able to keep up to their expectations. Try it – what happens?

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