Do you have a sense of community?

by oneafrikan on March 18, 2005

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
Anthony J. D’Angelo

Got that from my mate Walter in SA. He sends me a “thought of the day” every day, and I really, really appreciate it.
I really believe that community is something that is increasingly important – humanity is changing so fast so much that I think to some extent we’re losing our roots, our sense of identity, the stuff that bonds us all together.

At least here in London, it feels that way.

I’ve been thinking seriously of putting up a list / database of my favourite quotes (this is now one of them) and stuff that makes me think. I want to pass on the goodness, I want you to read something every day, and I want it to challenge you. I want you to come out of your torpor for 5 seconds and actually contemplate something. Just once would be nice.

What do you think? Would it be too geeky? schwarmy? offensive? would it make you think negatively of me?

Just think tho’ – with an RSS feed, you could have a daily dose of good writing delivered to your favourite newsreader ;-)

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