iPAQ 4150 data loss when battery discharges

by oneafrikan on March 21, 2005

On Saturday I opened up the case enclosing my iPAQ 4150 to have a look at some dates ahead in the calendar, and I got a pretty scary surprise.

It didn’t start. At all.
Nothing – nothing with the power button top-middle of the device, neither the reset button on the side of the device, so I panicked a little – I have quite a lot in that little machine, and I also knew that any restoring of data etc would be a long process.

Anyways – even though the PocketPc was in it’s sturdy little aluminium case the whole night, something must have caused it to discharge, and when it discharges completely, you lose everything.

In a way it’s a good thing, as I can now install a ROM update, a WLAN update and can do a fresh install / update of some of the apps I’ve been using for a while now, including:

Developer One Agenda Fusion
SPB Pocket Plus
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Pocket PC
MSN Messenger
VodaFone Connect Me!

I’m still battling to get the Bluetooth / PDA thing working with my Sony Ericssen K700i and Bluetooth, which is a perhaps blessing in disguise cos if I could get it working, then I’d be using the net connection all the time, and that’s not necessatily a good thing ;-)

So, lessons learnt are:

  1. backup PDA and Outlook regularly, and make sure you backup onto a reliable machine
  2. don’t put your PDA in a situation where it can be discharged without your knowing
  3. keep your licenses for the software you install on your PDA handy
  4. get friendly with your PDA, so that when things do go pear shaped, you know how to get things back up quickly – ie. no 2 hour long support calls


I don’t understand how any company in this day and age makes a device which doesn’t protect the data.

My >12 year old Apple Newton rocks to this very day, I have NEVER lost any data on this PDA.

Further, my Casio PDA, Had two batteries, one for main power and one for power backup when changing the main battery.

I never lost information from this device either.

Maybe purchasing a better PDA (iphone,etc) might be better, some companies just don’t get it.

by morris hoodye on August 1, 2007 at 2:58 am. Reply #


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You know what you need to do?
You must use the iphone *Jedi Stare*, haha.

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