Banksy strikes again

by oneafrikan on March 24, 2005

While reading my news this morning, I came accross this post on Kottke.orgBanksy strikes again, in NYC.

It’s frikkin brilliant, original, and downright outrageous. I’ve sometimes seen Banksy’s work in London, and after being “introduced” to him by Rory and Andrew a while back, I’ve kinda always got my eyes open for the kind of stuff that he does – it’s so compelling, and engaging, and just plain original. I remember a while ago he was asked to do some commercial stuff, and he just said no, ‘cos that’s not what his work is about. Respect.
I wonder what he does for a day job?

Here’s an excerpt from the manifesto on his site:

This was not at all what we men wanted, we were screaming for hundreds and thousands of other things and I don’t know who asked for lipstick. I wish so much that I could discover who did it, it was the action of genius, sheer unadulterated brilliance. I believe nothing did more for these internees than the lipstick. Women lay in bed with no sheets and no nightie but with scarlet red lips, you saw them wandering about with nothing but a blanket over their shoulders, but with scarlet red lips. I saw a woman dead on the post mortem table and clutched in her hand was a piece of lipstick. At last someone had done something to make them individuals again, they were someone, no longer merely the number tatooed on the arm. At last they could take an interest in their appearance. That lipstick started to give them back their humanity

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