Some people just don’t get blogging

by oneafrikan on April 11, 2005

Check this out. I’m gonna give it to you the way it happened so it’s chronological:

I write a blog post on “Offshore BPO outsourcing in South Africa set to grow“. I’m interested in that, and I read a lot about it, so I’m forming my own opinions about it.

Bhavna comments on my post yesterday – to quote: “This blog is quite informative for my business, even I have blog on outsourcing so can we exchange the links to share our knowledge resources.

I log into WordPress admin for this site today, see the comment above, and naturally check it out.

I take a look at his site, like the content, so subscribe to his feed via Newsgator, so now I get all his content delivered right into Outlook whenever he posts new content.
This means that I can forward via email to anyone I feel will be interested, and read his content at my leisure. What a bargain.

End of the day, through my blog I’ve connected with someone on the other side of the world, just by writing about stuff that I care about.

And here’s the penny dropper – by adding his feed to my blogroll, I’m able to share all of his goodness with other people who are interested.

Get it?

Even though Bhavna is interested in outsourcing / offshoring in India, and I’m interested in the same from a South African perspective, we have just started a conversation / dialogue / chat (call it what you will) – and I’m sure over time we’ll continue to talk about our common interest.

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