Ticketmaster sucks piles

by oneafrikan on June 3, 2005

Whoever the business analyst was that did the telephone ordering process at Ticketmaster should be taken out to the square at dawn and shot with a blunderbuss. My ear is so sore I can’t even put my headphones on yet! I would rather be subjected to a person in a faraway country that can’t speak my language and doesn’t understand my accent, then go through that again.

Also, the web company that did the Ticketmaster online ordering site should be fired.

Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!!! I hear you say, but it makes Ticketmaster nice and efficient, gives them lots of profits as they don’t have the monthly bodycount overhead, and also means they don’t have to deal with customers. Lovely business isn’t it!? But wait. Are there other people who offer tickets for concerts? I’m sure there are, and if there are, I’m going to try them before I go back to Ticketmaster again.

First I tried the website. IE did a white screen on me when I tried with that, Forefox asked me if I wanted to download a .inc file, and where did I want to download it to? And that was with about 12 different options tried in the ticket number and seating area selection screen.

Then I looked for a contact number so that I could call them and tell that their site was broken, and ask them to put me through to someone that can do a telephone order. I thought that was the logical thing to do? But no, I couldn’t find a number, anywhere. So then I looked at their FAQ section, hoping above all hopes that it would be there, and lo and behold, there it was “Can I book tickets by telephone?”, so I clicked that, and was promptly shown a telephone number to call.

This is where the fun starts people!!

Picture a heirarchy that starts with the type of event, the act, the venue, the date, the seating type, the cost of the tickets, and then triple it. That’s what I had to go through, to get three tickets – they don’t tell you what is sold out before you choose an option you see, so you have to go back and start from the beginning. Then you get to the credit card details – where they don’t have a beep or something that tells you to start inputting your details – so when they asked for my security code, the one thing I know by heart, I inputted it. Apparently, you can only start entering data once “the voice” has stopped speaking. So I took the red pill and did the credit card details twice…

Anyways, it’s over now. If anyone remotely connected to U2, Ticketmaster, the web company that built the site, the tech company that did the order processing engine, or even the person that makes the tea, please tell them:
their site is broken, the telephone ordering system is horrid, and since I’ve told my brother and girlfriend, I’ve had 3 people call me for the website address, and the number that I dialled… So they could be losing preciousssses business!

Hey cool, I’m going to see U2 at Twickenham!!!


What is it with eticket merchants.. Computicket‘s website is shameful and for ages was only IE-compatible. Maybe if they spent less time adding as many colours as is possible to customize the scrollbar in IE then they’d make some progress.

What did you pay for your U2 ticket? They’re raping their fans with that gig.. unless the proceeds are going to charity or towards Bono’s African relief campaigns. I hope so.

by coda on June 6, 2005 at 8:07 am. Reply #

Hehe – Computicket is UGLEEEE.
Thing is, if you’re the big fish, and you have a monopoly, you get a little fat and lazy and do things like make scrollbars bright blue. I wonder if any of their execs has ever looked at an overseas competitor site at all in the last 3 months?

U2 tickets were £70, which was more than I wanted to pay, but ‘cos of the terrible ordering system, I had to choose “best tickets available” so got them by default. It’s also at Twickenham, and my girl lives close to the stadium, so I reckon it’s worth it ;-)

I do hope some of it goes somewhere, but I also think that of all the people with a podium from which to speak, they are doing a lot publically.

by Gareth Knight on June 7, 2005 at 3:59 am. Reply #

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