Mark Shuttleworth is Canonical (Ubuntu)

by oneafrikan on June 28, 2005

OK, so I’ve just installed Ubuntu, and am sooooooo very impressed with what I’ve got going here… So impressed that I’m seriously thinking of doing the same to my desktop – Ubuntu is a really cool desktop. So impressed that I’m thinking that first thing I need to do is get LAMP set up.

So I start looking around the web for people who have done it before, and lo and behold, turns out that Mark Shuttleworth is behind Canonical, the same guys that sent me the Ubuntu discs that I blogged about the other day. Wow!

That kinda makes sense though – Ubuntu is distinctly African, Mark is African, and from his website, it looks like he’s pushing the whole Open Source thing pretty heavily. Sounds like he’s also a Python guy, which adds more respect. If you look around Google, you’ll probably also find more stuff you didn’t know ;-)

But where is your blog Mark?

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