Ubuntu / Knoppix in Iraq

by oneafrikan on July 9, 2005

Just doing somre reading, came accross this, thought I would share it with you:
_ Hacking in Iraq, Interview with Jake Appelbaum

Particularly liked this:

You’re distributing Knopix CDs too, why’s that? What are people using over there now?

The main reason for giving away Ubuntu and Knoppix is this: People are using windows because it’s what they have. They’ll get to know what they have and they’ll never change. If you get in on the ground floor, you can help subvert the western dominant paradigm before it’s taken hold here.

It helps people to recover data, it helps people to remove viruses and if they’re willing to run Knoppix, Debian Gnu/Linux or Ubuntu, they’re likely to not have virus problems ever again.

I’ve been trying to get the engineers I’ve been in contact with to use Debian for their servers and to understand what it means to be a Unix-Like sysadmin. When they think about everything from the costs to the freedom, the learning curve is the only thing holding them back. So far this has been a success and they love it. Some of them can do a network install in less than 20 minutes and they understand all of it. They went from learning basic unix commands to setting up Apache within a day. They take notes, they read man pages, they use google, they ask for help and they’re fast dedicated workers.

The freedom that Free and Open Source software gives the Iraqi people is something they’ve never had before.

I think that this should be done in Africa too – anyone know anyone already doing it?

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