Dell and Mac OS X

by oneafrikan on July 20, 2005

_ Microsoft Monitor: Dell and Mac OS X

Blogs and news sites were abuzz yesterday about Dell CEO Michael Dell saying, according to Fortune, “If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers.”

Right now, Apple fairly clearly indicated that it would not license Mac OS X to other computer manufacturers, even with the move to Intel chips. But Dell’s interest makes sense, because the company operates around a single premise: “Give the customer what he or she wants.” Call it, the high-tech version of Burger King’s, “Have it your way.” Mac OS X would be another configure-to-order option, alongside Windows and Linux.

I really, seriously, deeply, emotionally desire a PowerBook right now. More because it’s stylish and functions well, rather than functioning well and being stylish. I would settle for a high end Dell running Tiger though…

Will be interesting to see how this unfolds…

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