Meeting workspaces and OneNote Shared Sessions

by oneafrikan on July 20, 2005

_ David Boschmans’ Weblog : Meeting workspaces and OneNote Shared Sessions
Meeting workspaces and OneNote Shared Sessions

With the start of the new fiscal year at Microsoft we started planning a number of recurring meetings for the next weeks and months. To structure the communication and collaboration for these meetings I decided to use our SharePoint Team Site. The most efficient way to organize our meetings would be by using meeting workspaces.

I’ve been scouring the net and my RSS feeds for a useful posting on how Sharepoint is actually used in a working environment. A lot of the stuff out there seems to focus on the technology behind Sharepoint, but not so much on the actual use / implementation of it. This was a post that I thought was relevant, as it describes what is possible in a working environment.

Of course, MSFT is home to many geeks (read ALPHA geeks), so this sort of stuff is bread and butter for them, and no doubt does make them more productive. However, I have my doubts that office workers around the world will unite shouting “Go Sharepoint!!”, as there seems to be a lot one can do with it, but mostly it just seems to be overkill.

I use OneNote every day, so that was pretty cool and nice to know, but since I’m not a tablet PC person, and don’t have the cash to buy one just for meetings, I’m not sure it’s the killer app the folks at MSFT think it could be…

I’m still waiting for the KISS approach to Sharepoint which I know many people would be in favour of…

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