On the culture of distraction; one pipe for all interruptions?

by oneafrikan on July 29, 2005

_ 43 Folders: On the culture of distraction; one pipe for all interruptions?

Pretty interesting.

I’m not sure that emailing within an organisation is the best way to share data. Sure, when you’re forwarding something on, from a customer, partner, whatever, then it’s probably easy and quick that way.

But when you’re typing up actions / thoughts / documents that apply to a bunch of people, then sending them all over the wire seems counterintuitive, now.

I’m as guilty as the next guy (I can remember sending 10MB flash files via email once, to people in the same office and a client – but I was young then), so I’m not saying I’m the best example, but there are a growing number of tools that can be used to accomplish what was done with email, but still lessen the overall load on systems and Inboxes.

I’ve implemented a quarterly “think weekend” recently, which is a hoirizontal planning and thinking period of time, for me only, which I’ve found very useful, and also refreshing. Would be cool to have a week though ;-)

As for the API – that’s a great idea. Wonder who will be first to make it happen? If you think about it, you’re probably consuming XML from most all the types of data you can get, then presenting that in a nice way. Makes for nice dreaming!

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