Back in the saddle, staying healthy, and a hepatic coma

by oneafrikan on August 23, 2005

The last two weeks ini Gareth’ville have certainly been interesting, and I think I’ve learn’t a lot about stuff that isn’t web or business related, that I want to share.

Basically, in the last two weeks I’ve managed to get hit by a brutal flu bug, and then end up going to Accident and Emergency at Middlesex University Hospital for what ended up being a “hepatic coma” (which stil isn’t fixed), followed by a weekend of pain, feeling really uncomfortable and generally feeling sorry for myself. In thinking about causes, I realised it was ‘cos I dropped the ball with myself. Really dropped the ball. This pisses me off ‘cos I’m a healthy person and like being active!

To start with, I compromised a good exercise regime for more sleep, where more sleep was needed ‘cos I was staying up later, where I was staying up later ‘cos I wasn’t disciplined enough to go to bed and more importantly wasn’t disciplined enough to wake up in the morning at the same time.

Bottom line: wake up at the same time every morning , no matter what, and make sure you do exercise every day.

Secondly, I started to eat badly. I thought I was eating well ‘cos I’ve been having salads at work, but actually, I wasn’t eating properly the rest of the time. My coffee intake also increased to about 4 cups a day (with sweetener not sugar), but although I’m comfortable with that, I didn’t increase my water intake to cover for the coffee, so I got dehydrated and started getting headaches. That, added to literally having a slice of cheese wrapped in a slice of ham for dinner, made sure that my diet wasn’t as good as it should have been. But why? I think it’s ‘cos I’ve placed an emphasis on other stuff in my life, which has overridden the important foundational stuff like getitng sleep, drinking water, eating properly, doing exercise, etc etc.

Bottom line: make sure your foundations are strong, habitual and realistic – they are the beginnings of any sustained success.

And that’s it really – I’m resolved to start looking after myself better, and pay more attention to the every day stuff that I’d let slip for various reasons…

How about you?

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