The exciting start of a new chapter for me

by oneafrikan on September 15, 2005

The last few weeks have been topsy turvy to say the least. But in a good way. As some of you know (yep, only 4 people read my blog that I know of ;-) I’m going to be moving on from Open Box Software, so I’m going to reflect a little here, and say a little about what I’m gonna be up to next too.

It seems like yesterday that I was starting at Open Box with Andrew here in London. The last 18 months or so have been great in many ways:

  1. I’ve learnt a great deal about software, Microsoft, outsourcing, business, technology and of course the web;
  2. I’ve worked every day with some great people that are now friends, and that I won’t forget;
  3. I’ve (for the most part) interacted with some awesome people in Cape Town and through that I’ve been exposed to more, learnt more, and made friends too;
  4. I’ve campaigned with the South African powers that be, when I get access to them, to try and solve some of the great issues holding Open Box (and other South African technology businesses) back, in what is an increasingly competitive technology space;
  5. and I’ve seen some great work produced for world class clients that operate globally.

If you’re wanting to work in Cape Town, I think that Open Box is a great place to be at right now – believe it or not, the guys there are exceptionally talented, IMHO are doing work that is amongst the best in the world, for the best and most demanding clients in the world. Two live projects come to mind, which I can’t really talk much about except to say “Observation Deck Ticketing System” and an internal one for “DTT“, are testimony to that. My hope is that Open Box Software continues growing as currently projected, and that one day I’ll have lunch with Malcolm and he’ll tell me the team is at 50 people.

So officially I’m no longer an employee (well, almost), but unofficially I’m still a big fan, will continue support them in the UK, will continue to pass work to them when appropriate, and will carry on enjoying the friendships that I count myself lucky to have.

Next steps:
A little while ago I read a speech by Steve Jobs entitled “You’ve got to find what you love” and it had a big effect on me. I wrote something about it at the time and since then it’s never been far from my thoughts. I’m not sure exactly what the future holds (does anyone?), but I know that if I don’t go out there and find it, then I’ll always regret being young and full of energy and enthusiasm, but not doing anything with it. So while one chapter of life closes, another opens – the cool part is the characters stay the same.

My immediate plan is get involved in a little revolution called Web 2.0, and for my part I’ve started work on an on-demand web application which I’m really excited about. My first 10 or so clients are excited about it as well, so I think I may be on to something. I’m also currently speaking to an eMarketing business about helping them grow their clientbase, which I’m also excited about – when we’ve ironed out the details I’ll talk about that in a bit more detail. I’ve also got a little web analytics application (that is scratching an itch that won’t go away) in the pipeline, which is currently being tested on this server as you read this post ;-) I’m passionate about developing Africa, especially South Africa, so I expect to be doing something there in a non-profit way in the not too distant future. But more on that when I’ve got something to show.

Anyways – there’s been a lot of flux in my life of late, but I feel the proverbial corner has been turned. Talk is cheap, time to get on with it.



You WILL be successfull if your heart is in the right place. I have enjoyed working with you and have to say that you are of a very high calibre – both as a person and a professional.

Get out there and do your thing! Let me know what it is when you find out….


by Heinrich Van Der Westhuizen on September 15, 2005 at 2:58 pm. Reply #

Thanks Hein – will do ;-)

by Gareth Knight on September 15, 2005 at 3:23 pm. Reply #

Congrats Garteth, best of luck.

by Noah Brier on September 15, 2005 at 8:09 pm. Reply #

Thanks Noah ;-) Stay tuned!

by Gareth Knight on September 16, 2005 at 4:10 pm. Reply #

Will miss you at BNI, Gareth. If you are kicking around the Old Street area, look me up. Best regards, Michael

by Michael Taylor on September 19, 2005 at 2:58 pm. Reply #

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