Eight years of email stats

by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ Eight years of email stats, pass 1. Get Real: Stowe Boyd’s take on collaborative and social technology, and its impact on business and society

So there you have my finer-grained interactions ‘laid bare’. Allowing ZERO minutes of response time for some finer-grained categories (e.g. semi-junk, self/meta, which don’t require reading at all) and ONE-THREE minutes of response times for most categories, plus, say, TEN minutes of response time for an important research category such as ‘main project work, paper writing’, it is trivially easy to get to 2.5 hours per workday assuming a fairly ruthless, ‘one-touch’, knee-jerk email interaction regime. And worse if you deviate from the regime.

I’m currently feeling the weight of too much email and not enough time to deal with it all effectively, so this post was an interesting read. Looking at my Inbox now, I have 95 emails waiting to be dealt with that have arrived since Monday, excluding the ones I’ve already dealt with and deleted… and no, all the newsletters I get are in their own seperate folder, my feeds are all in their own PST file for when I get to them next, and everything I still want to read is in the “Read” folder… so this is all mail that is actionable in some way. Pheweee!

I think one of the things to take home is the bit about “continuous partial attention” – of which I’m certainly guilty as charged. My brain just never seems to quieten down, and my laptop always whispers sweet nothings into my ears while I sleep, calling to me her keyboard…. no wait, this is a blog right, not laptop porn ;-) See what I mean?

Hat tip: Merlin Mann

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