Innovate or Imitate…Fame or Fortune?

by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Innovate or Imitate…Fame or Fortune?

Innovation drives our industry, attracts the best talent, attracts VC money, and wins fame for its leaders. Innovation leaders burst onto the scene, win early market leadership, but sometimes can’t sustain the pace. Why do “fast followers” often jump in later and make fortunes? Is management responsible for the success or failure? Or, are these innovation leaders acquired by larger players before they have a chance to evolve into successful stand alone companies?

Excellent article, following up from the post about Microsoft acquiring your company, which I can identify with in a few ways.

I suggest reading in full, but here are a few NB take homes:
* Build a well rounded management team early
* Value sales and marketing talent as much as technical talent
* React quickly to disruptive technologies or business models

What do you think?

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