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by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ IT Needs to Get On Board With RSS – Computerworld

I often like to say that the goal of an IT department is to stay off the obituaries page and every so often try and get in the headlines. RSS is exactly the technology IT needs to make some headlines, and now is a great time to start using it.

By now you’ve heard of RSS, or Really Simple Syndication [QuickLink 46266]. I’ve written in the past about how it can change the way business users aggregate and read information from the Web and give companies a new way to deliver their messages directly to customers.

Following on from an earlier post about web 2.0 stuff, this is a good call to action to people in IT that can make RSS work for their colleagues, customers and if you’re a service provider, their clients.

This is also worth remembering:
But there are things to bear in mind. RSS in and of itself is just another techie specification; its power is that it allows you to extend the dialogue that your company is having with employees and the outside world. And RSS is different from technologies such as e-mail, because the user is the one in control of whether to keep the dialogue going or terminate it; the goal is to increase your relationship and grow your conversation, ultimately leading to customer loyalty and of course a continued dialogue. Increasing RSS use is just a means to that end — and a way to help you get in the headlines for a change.

I think a lot of techies forget that normal people don’t look at technology and say “gee, cool, how long did it take you to do?”, but rather “what can it do for me? how does it make my life easier? how do I manage my information better?” etc etc When you can answer questions like those clearly communicating the benefits to the end user, then I think you’ve got something to talk about.

So lets concentrate on figuring out ways to make use of the cool technology we come up with for normal people, so that other people actually get to use it.
Code that sits on a shelf is sad code… and we don’t like sad code ;-)

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