R.I.P. WYSIWYG – Results-Oriented UI Coming

by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ R.I.P. WYSIWYG – Results-Oriented UI Coming (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

The next version of Microsoft Office (code-named “Office 12”) will be based on a new interaction paradigm called the results-oriented user interface.

We’re back with a little more Jakob here…

Pretty interesting really, and I can’t in good conscience disagree with the way the giant from Redmond is moving or with what jako is saying… Results-Oriented UI does seem to make more sense when you look at The New Microsoft Office User Interface Overview. Looks like they’re onto something.

Two things come to mind:
1) People will have to learn new paradigms they have taken 10 years to get used to;
2) “But Microsoft Word 2003 has 1,500 commands, and users typically have no clue where to find most of them.” – then why have them all? I know it’s a stupid question, but how many of the Word features do YOU use daily? Why do we always try to complicate things?

Anyways – I’m sure it’ll be a while ’till I get my sweaty palms on the new Office, so I guess I’ll just have to make do with my WYSIWYG Office 11, thank you very much Mr Nielsen ;-)

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