Scientists Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does to a Body

by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ Scientists Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does to a Body

“We’re shifting to a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week society, and as a result we’re increasingly not sleeping like we used to,” said Najib T. Ayas of the University of British Columbia. “We’re really only now starting to understand how that is affecting health, and it appears to be significant.”

Let’s face it, we’re all from the same genetic stock that hasn’t altered much in evolutionary terms for the last little while. I’m pretty sure our genetic programming didn’t take into account CRT screens, email constantly on the brain and sitting in a chair all day long. when was the last day you took 5 minutes of every hour to walk around, get some water and get away from your computer?

I’ve found that I need about 7 to 8 hours a night to function properly. Any less is feasible, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to stay clear of the all nighters I used to do as a young lad learning the way of the web.

So this is a pretty interesting article, albeit a little patronising to anyone with any sense at all – you mean sitting in a chair all day, eating without exercise is going to make me fat? Come on!

A large, new study, for example, provides the latest in a flurry of evidence suggesting that the nation’s obesity epidemic is being driven, at least in part, by a corresponding decrease in the average number of hours that Americans are sleeping, possibly by disrupting hormones that regulate appetite. The analysis of a nationally representative sample of nearly 10,000 adults found that those between the ages of 32 and 49 who sleep less than seven hours a night are significantly more likely to be obese.

Nooo, they’re eating crap food, watching telly after bedtime, and not doing much exercise, that’s what they’re doing…

Tell me I’m wrong? ;-)

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