The Rebirth of Enterprise IT

by oneafrikan on October 20, 2005

_ Seeing Both Sides: The Rebirth of Enterprise IT

Small teams can be extraordinarily productive – often times more so than larger teams and organizations. The underlying platform and architecture has changed several times in the last 30 years and there is no physical product to distribute, thus end-users can be accessed much more directly. Is there a benefit to the incumbency and distribution might of IBM, Oracle or EMC? Absolutely. Does that mean there is no place for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in this industry? Absolutely not.

A good article on why there is still a landscape to find a niche on, in Enterprise software… Being a zoologist, it looks more like a discussion on primary, secondary and tertiary succession to me – point is I think that you will always have a consolidation in any industry, where there will always be the megaherbivores that attract all the attention by virtue of their size. But, don’t forget to consider the “lowly” smaller animals that may not be as large, but are just as capable of surviving.

Take home points for me were:
Going vertical – get good at something, then get better at it so that everyone with the same problem comes to you as they know you are the best. Send a

Software as a service – is the way forward. Make it easy for customers to try you out to find out how good you are. Lower their barrier to entry while making it cheaper for you at the same time. Besides, why print 1000 cd’s when you can one-click deploy to your whole server farm?

Use open source – Your barrier to entry is cheaper, and there are a lot of people around who have already developed good code (Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow), that you can build stuff on top of, and who are normally pretty happy to help out. Stand on the shoulders of giants. And all that stuff…

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