Aggregate multiple feeds, order by date, with PHP

by oneafrikan on November 30, 2005

Has anyone had any experience / done any experimenting aggregatng mutiple feeds and ordering them by date, using php and without using a database? I’m playing with MagpieRSS atm, and it’s an awesome tool that does a really good job, (…)

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Managing overwhelm Haiku attempt

by oneafrikan on November 29, 2005

My Inbox is overflowing with too much to reply so it must wait

The Windows Idiot Tax

by oneafrikan on November 23, 2005

_ Open Resource | InfoWorld | The Windows Idiot Tax | November 22, 2005 10:14 PM | By Dave Rosenberg The Windows Idiot Tax: For those who still believe that running Windows instead of Linux is cheaper or more cost (…)

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