Aggregate multiple feeds, order by date, with PHP


Has anyone had any experience / done any experimenting aggregatng mutiple feeds and ordering them by date, using php and without using a database?

I’m playing with MagpieRSS atm, and it’s an awesome tool that does a really good job, and was wondering whether anyone else has done anything similiar with it?
I’ve also started playing with Feeds on Feeds, which is also pretty cool, but it uses a DB so not ideal…

Any thoughts, directions or help would be much apprecited ;-)

The Windows Idiot Tax


_ Open Resource | InfoWorld | The Windows Idiot Tax | November 22, 2005 10:14 PM | By Dave Rosenberg

The Windows Idiot Tax: For those who still believe that running Windows instead of Linux is cheaper or more cost effective let me give you a real world scenario I discovered today.

Server hardware 2 x $1250 = $2500
Windows Licenses 2 x $700 =$1400
User Cals 3 x $30 = $90
SQL Server 2000 Standard 1-cpu $1850
Windows TOTAL= $4840

Server hardware 2 x $1250 = $2500
RedHat download = free
MySQL = free (non commercial use)
Linux TOTAL=$2500

My real world example was when I first started out – it’s cheaper to get hold of tools to develop on, and it’s cheaper to set up the infrastructure… and in my experience to date, there seems to be this overwhelming mentality that anything except MSFT stuff is crap, unstable, unscalable and not worth lookng at.

I say ignorance is bliss…

I’ve just emailed a client regards a new db server and costs thereof, and their response was “Surely it’s only the machine we have to buy?”…. Nope, you gotta buy the machine first, then Windows license, then db license, and then you gotta factor in scaling to that as well.

The problem, as I see it, is that most people don’t really absolutely _NEED_ MS SQL server. In fact, they wouldn’t necessarily know or care about the difference if you asked them, as long as it worked. All they _NEED_ is a relational database… and there are other options out there to achieve the same thing… ;-)

Check out DropSend!


I’ve been watching in anticipation as Ryan Carson has been getting DropSend ready to go live. It’s been a long and interesting road for Ryan, not without it’s challenges, so to finally be able to talk about it is exciting for me, and I’m sure super exciting for him and Gill. And I can honestly say that I think he’s hit the nail on the head. Squarely.

What is it?
DropSend allows you to store and send files, easily, and online. It’s that simple, and I think it does it well.
From the horses mouth:

  • Send photos, movies or music to family and friends
  • Back-up important files
  • Get those large illustration files to clients
  • Transfer files from home to work, or vice versa

I think there are many applications for many industries, and I’m sure that there are many intrepid individuals that are going to like this – think large databases, architectural files, pdf’s and of course CD images. With up to 25GB of space for $19 a month, with unlimited sends, there’s plenty to play with.

At the moment I’m sending a large 58.8MB file to a developer friend in South Africa – something I’d never be able to do via email, and certainly not without my own FTP server (which is how I would normally do it) – using the desktop application DropSend offers for Windows. It worked first time logging me in, and at 22MB so far, I think it’s safe to say that it’ll all be fine.

The web app itself is clean and simple to get around, with little or no useability issues that I can see. I really think my Dad would be able to use it, but am not sure about my Mom (sorry Mom!). I’m certain any of my more tech savvy friends will find it a snap too. All the standard stuff is there to manage your account, and if you need to upgrade, then it’s pretty easy to do that too. There’s also a Gifts section, where you can download some pretty neat stuff direct from DropSend – nice touch there, and knowing Ryan I think it will always be chock full of stuff that is cool now. The desktop app for me is the killer ‘tho, ‘cos it means that I don’t have to visit the site to upload if I don’t want to, but can access my files from anywhere when I need to. It’s super easy to use, and shows you a status bar as things progress.

Well, I’ve just been told the 58.8MB file has been uploaded successfully, I can see it’s on DropSend server, and I need to go to bed ;-) Thanks for the awesome app Ryan!

If you need to store / send / share large files with anyone, and they have web access and an email address, then I suggest giving it a try – It’s free to do so, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Update: I’ve just sent another mate in London the same file using the web app…

Keeping the IBM T42P clean as the day you bought it


I’m wondering whether anyone out there has a nifty solution for keeping the keys and the spacebar of the IBM T42P laptop squeeky clean?

I think that I clean my hands at least 3 times a day, and rub my hands on my trousers / jeans at least 20 times a day, simply to try keep them dry so that the keys don’t get grimy… Problem is that even when you do that (I’ve just got out of the shower now) the keys themselves are a little greasy, so you just keep making it worse…

I’ve tried to use some alcohol wipes, but it works for about a day then goes back to normal…

Anyone got any ideas/solutions?

Microsoft .Net developer roles in Cape Town


Open Box Software are looking for *very* good Microsoft .Net developers that want to work in Cape Town.

Specifically they’re looking for ASP.Net and windows forms development, using C# and VB.Net and obviously using Ms SQL server.

If that sounds like you, then head on over to the Open Box Software website and mail them from there, or mail me direct and I’ll forward on to the right person for you…

Know any _good_ freelance (or permalance) developers in London?


Hi there

Quick question:

Can you recommend any dependable developers based in London or willing to travel to London (West End) looking for freelance / permalance work, that have the following skills:

XHTML/CSS with intermediate JS;
PHP/MySQL/Apache on Linux and/or Windows; Coldfusion/MySQL on Windows XML/RSS dev knowledge; blogging experience, Web 2.0 knowledge hopefully some Ruby / Ruby On Rails

I’ve got one or two projects on the table that need the above skills, and I’m battling to find good people to help me get them done. I’m also trying to put together a list of reliable people that I can call on for future client work in the coming months.

Any forwarding, thoughts or introductions would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance! ;-)