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by oneafrikan on November 10, 2005

Yesterday I spent the day at the Netimperative DMZ: Digital Marketing Zone 2005, which was pretty interesting all round.

I started with the “Web Analytic’s – How can it help you to manage your customers and your website?” seminar, which I found pretty interesting, mainly ‘cos I’ve always had an interest in web analytics (probably a throwback from doing ecology models) . One of the underlying themes was the idea that web site data in itself is not the nirvana we shoud be looking for, but rather actionable steps that lead from the data to incremental business and user centric improvements. Basically, it’s easy to create data, but it’s what you do with that data that makes using web analytics useful to the business. I also felt that the web analytisc tools I saw (screenshots) looked very complicated and lacked intuitive user interfaces…

In the “Search Marketing” seminar I found the talks by Heather Hopkins (Director of Research, Hitwise) and Jonathan Davey (Managing Director, Business in Berkshire) the most interesting. Heather came accross very well, and shared some neat stuff that was new and interesting (search proxy and search latency) to me; whilst Jonathan was just inspirational and clearly passionate about what he was doing.

The “Perfect Pitch:Ad-serving & Trafficking” session was interesting from a pure ad numbers point of view, but just got messy when the guys presenting tried to go into too much product detail. I’m not sure that 15 minutes is enough time to go into application specifics…. It did however remind me that even though I seem to have switched off from adverts and rarely if ever click on a banner advertising anything, there are still massive numbers of adverts being served every day, so it must still be working…

All in all, a good day out, but I wonder whether any of the suppliers on show found the event brought them any qualified leads, as there seemed to be an overwhelming majority of industry people there (like me!).

Notes to self:

  • RSS takeup on the website has been doubling every month so far.
  • When giving a talk at an industry event, do less of a sales pitch and more of an information / knowledge share.
  • Keep slide points to less than 5 on each and every slide, if you want people to take in what you’re talking about.
  • Nedstat has a database of about 1.4 billion IP addresses!
  • None of the presenters I heard spoke about blogs, wiki’s or podcasting (wrt online publishing), and one person mentioned RSS.

For more detail, Mike Butcher kept a running blog of the day….


Thank you for your comments on the session yesterday. If you are interested in future insights on consumer search behaviour, you may want to check out my blog at Also, if you have ideas for other ways we should analyse search data, please let me know! Thanks again for attending and for your kind words.

by Heather Hopkins on November 10, 2005 at 3:57 pm. Reply #

Hey Heather

Really enjoyed your talk – was jam packed full of goodies ;-)
Have subscribed to your feed, and added you to my blogmarks….

Look forward to more good stuff!

by Gareth Knight on November 10, 2005 at 5:37 pm. Reply #

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