Ten Golden Google Rules

by oneafrikan on December 7, 2005

_ Google: Ten Golden Rules – Issues 2006 – MSNBC.com

At google, we think business guru Peter Drucker well understood how to manage the new breed of “knowledge workers.” After all, Drucker invented the term in 1959. He says knowledge workers believe they are paid to be effective, not to work 9 to 5, and that smart businesses will “strip away everything that gets in their knowledge workers’ way.”

Seems to make perfect sense, doesn’t it?
Certainly, pretty much every knowledge worker I’ve come accross prefers to be measured by what they deliver, not how many hours they sit in front of a computer.

In the past I’ve also worked in companies where at least 5 to 7 of the rules were “broken” regularly – and the results thereof speak for themselves…

This is a keeper ;-)

Hat tip: Norman

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