Trees or Humans? – A Battle of Survival with Increasing CO2 Levels – Environment Blog

by oneafrikan on December 17, 2005

_ Trees or Humans? – A Battle of Survival with Increasing CO2 Levels – Environment Blog

An interesting piece on CO2 levels and their effect on forests… “A new finding reveals that forest productivity may be significantly greater in an atmosphere enriched with carbon dioxide.


Ah, but a few points re this, if you’re thinking about it as a solution to the planetary CO2 overdose.

1. It’s also be shown that the effect is short term: most trees will absord more over the space of about three years, but then fall back to a natural level.

2. If you up one input, you have to up the others in order to be able to process them. So for trees you need both more water, and more daylight or leaves. Without these the CO2 is dissipated through the roots and consumed by ephemeral funghi and bacteria who quickly release it again.

Obviously water is a problem since that’s probably what world war three will be fought over.

So there’s no substitute to planting more trees ( and and slapping more Americans.

by Ed on December 18, 2005 at 2:15 pm. Reply #

Hey Ed

Thanks for the response ;-)

Sure, that makes sense – since nature is all about equilibrium, so when you alter the state or amount of one element, then there has to be a corresponding action with the other elements for it to be sustainable…

This is one of the things that frustates me about science at the moment – there is so much research being done, but from my admittadly limited viewpoint there doesn’t seem to be much pulling it together to place things like this in the broader context…

As for slapping Americans, I have now personally met at least 6 Americans while living in London, and I can say they are/were good folk… However, there is this one guy who OK’d drilling for oil in Alaska in one of the last pristine places on the planet, that I’d really like to have a little chat with…

by Gareth Knight on December 18, 2005 at 3:56 pm. Reply #

Hi Gareth,

First, let me thank you for linking me to your blog. Its my pleasure to inform you that I have placed you in my BLOGROLL, as I loved the write-ups of your blogs, which are mostly direct and serious in approach.

Appropos to Ed’s comment, call it politics or concern, its true there is no substitute to planting more trees.

I have been working on environment for last 7years, and have come up with this blog. It would be my pleasure if you place me in your blog roll. The other blog I run is —, which is on eco-friendly porducts.

Keep up with the good writings.


by Irani on December 23, 2005 at 6:22 am. Reply #

Hi Irani

Thanks for the blogrolling – done the same thing for you ;-)

Yea – planting more trees is one of the simpler, easier things to do in the grand scheme of things, but doesn’t seem to be done enough of…

Thanks – you too!

PS – what’s up with – seems to be down…

by Gareth Knight on January 31, 2006 at 12:59 pm. Reply #

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