Free wireless in Silicon Valley

by oneafrikan on January 31, 2006

By Frank Barnako From the MarketWatch website (can’t find the direct link – no easily visible search on the site!!) WASHINGTTON (MarketWatch) – MetroFi Inc. is offering free wireless broadband service in a 25-square-mile area including Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Santa (…)

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Disney thinking light years ahead

by oneafrikan on January 29, 2006

_ Business – Media & Leisure – Disney thinking light years ahead If you’re interested in reading more about the Pixar / Disney deal, then this is a pretty good article…

Newsvine Blog

by oneafrikan on January 28, 2006

_ – Newsvine Blog Looks pretty interesting, although not yet sure if it’s something that will become a regular member of my “staying on top of all this technology and news shite” arsenal… It does make me wonder whether (…)

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