The Revenge of Gaia

by oneafrikan on January 19, 2006

_ The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back – and How We Can Still Save Humanity: Books

Lovelock’s unique authority and original perspective sets this book apart from other books on environmental change. He speaks as a planetary physician with more than forty years’ experience of thinking about how to respond to the Earth’s needs as a living organism. Illustrated with examples drawn from his experiences around the world, Lovelock draws many radical conclusions, most controversially a passionate advocacy of nuclear energy. This, he argues, is not only a secure, safe and reliable source of energy but also the only way to counter the lethal heat waves and rising sea levels, which will increasingly threaten civilisations. Lovelock argues that the only way for humankind to come to terms with Gaia now, and have a chance of surviving, is to embrace science and technology, not reject them. This is his passionate manifesto of how to do that and so lessen our impact on the Earth before it is too late.

Continue’ing the Gaia theme, I passed the newspaper stand today while getting lunch and I came accross a story in the Independant about James Lovelock, and his current thinking. The article he wrote in the book seemed to be a very short precis for this book, so it’s in my list of Amazon books to buy, and one day soon I’m gonna read it.


From Around The Curve

Kia Ora Papatuanuku’s Family,

(Papatuanuku is the word the New Zealand Maori call Mother earth)

James Lovelock, a Leo who has told me personally he has always been an optimist, has cast his vision forward and finally declared what he intuits as the state of Gaia and where she is heading.

Being an agnostic that deals solely with the physical condition, he has declined to involve himself in the idea that this crisis maybe (is) the evolutionary driver that propels, (forces) us to evolve to a higher level of being.

He has not (at present) discussed the concept of the Noosphere of the Jesuit Priest, Teilhard de Chardin who foretells of future humanity merging into a synergistic high energy ‘mind field’ called the Noosphere where we become one with(in) the biosphere, (and from what I gather are
able to still retain our indivuality).

With quantum theory becoming more and more pronounced in our daily life and instances of synchronicity and telepathy more prevalent, these are compelling ‘markers’ to validate that we are ‘in process’ and on course.

As we pass along through the ‘birth canal’ into this new culmination of Alpha and Omega, we may find that we have actually returned to Love and to the ‘Garden of Eden’ where once we resided.

Global mediations may become very predominant, such as ‘The World Instant of Cooperation’ where globally we synchronise to a specific time, and for an instant become one at heart with all quanta and beings on our beloved
planet, as well as the earth ’her’ self!.

The aim for humanity in the face of global warming, climate change and now “climate degradation” is the “storming of the inner self.” Here is where we will find the answers that we have been ‘waiting for.’

Meantime, we still do our best to bring about benevolent change in the outer world – networking among family, friends and business associates as well as the political process and as we become more transparent and at heart more charitable, providence will line up with us.

So I bless James Lovelock for putting himself on the line. He has had some very powerful scientists now come out and finally state their intuitions, when previously they may have been ridiculed. This now, will no doubt hasten action towards positive change and thus give kids of today and tomorrow a better chance at life, now and in the

I enclose a link that will enable you to read many of the news media statements to Lovelock’s recent prognosis on the health of Gaia.

Warm Regards and Aroha,


by Tim Lynch on February 5, 2006 at 6:03 am. Reply #

Thanks Tim – some interesting reading ;-)

Yea, I think we are starting to go through a birthing or a mind change – hopefully it won’t be too late…

I suggest taking a look at my Mom’s book – you might find it quite interesting:
If you would like a copy, I can arrange to have one sent to you in NZ…

by Gareth Knight on February 10, 2006 at 7:53 pm. Reply #

Very interesting reading Tim. My thoughts exactly except that I find James Lovelock’s view of the world as being anthropomorphic in the extreme. I prefer Sigmund Freud’s model – “human character is now Earth’s destiny”. This puts the responsibility firmly back in our court, which is encouraging when one considers the enormous wave of change in human consciousness that is taking place around the globe. I believe that we will see momentous changes in all spheres during our lifetime – the End Time has only just begun …

by Carole Knight on February 12, 2006 at 8:27 am. Reply #

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